“You know, I was going through a very tough phase of my life”, I told my friend, like many others say who try to run away from the situation and try to manipulate others that they are doing ‘everything’ they can, which is the ‘best’ thing anyone would do in this situation. Actually, I just didn’t meet him, said ‘Hello’ and moved on, but we had a exclusive talk about what was going on in our lives. And then, I realized and seriously asked myself, what’s going on man? At least don’t lie to yourself? And besides saying it the ‘best’, I couldn’t even answer myself why was I doing it which I referred as ‘everything’.

If the whole world’s opinion about perceiving things has just been changed and I am not informed about that we now consider some hours of staring at the walls, some sleepless hours may be due to some sort of insomnia, skipping lectures, switching on/off lights until they fuse out, as ‘everything’ and ‘best’ in some goddamn situation, then Yeah, I was doing ‘everything’ and ‘best’ that is possible.

Actually, I was really going through the roughest phase of my life but that phase becomes worse, when no one else is able to understand that. Anyone can say that I can understand your situation, provide sympathy and then forget about it like any emotional movie scene, but there will only be few who would actually understand, because to really understand one’s feelings one should have gone through that. And I was not able to find anyone like that. I knew I was wrong, but it appeared that I was the first person to experience that. Actually the problem is that, other’s problems don’t appear as problem when you are going through some problem.

Then it happened someday that my friend asked me for some sort of problem with his p.c and I thought that I may be of more use than painting the walls with my eyes. His p.c wasn’t much of an issue, and i was done within half an hour. Afterwards as a token of thanks he planned for a small treat from his side and ordered pizza. By the time pizza arrived, we started some chit-chat, and suddenly some topic switched and he started thanking me like I have again provided some sort of virginity to a raped victim. At that point I could find more logic in Japanese than in his any word.

Then the time machine mode switched on in my mind and I went back some months and I compared him with the person I have known some months back. At that time his first impression to me was that he was going through some problem which he kept more classified than S.H.I.E.L.D kept its agent’s list. Even now I think that to take that secret out of him, is the most difficult task of that kind, I have ever done. As one of my good skills, I loved being a psychiatric to someone because I think that I am a good listener and even more good at manipulating others that I can keep their secrets. And I am irresistible at giving advice.

And now he was thanking me for that advice which I couldn’t even remember what it was, and according to him it turned his life upside down. But what I remembered was that he was almost in the same situation like me but he was mentally more disturbed than me. He also asked about my life and I told him my situation and described him what i meant by “the tough phase of life”. I don’t know how but I felt that every single word I was saying was already in his mind before it came out of my mouth. It really feels great to get something off your head and best when others can really understand what you are saying. But the positive thing that I saw in him was that he really improved a lot.

Then I came to my room late that night because I was busy somewhere counting leaves falling from the tree sitting in my favorite spot in the park, thinking of every possible thing I would have told him months back which now can help me improve my condition. I couldn’t come up with anything in the past few months, and then What do you think was the chance that, that night was special and my Guardian Angel would appear and tell me what to do? For days I searched many channels on you tube and watched many times my favorite ‘The Secret’ and a lot more bizarre things, but i couldn’t find any sort of ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’ or ‘The Elixir of Life’ which can make me better in any form. Weeks passed nothing special happened, then one day after my bath, I was standing in front of my mirror and I noticed that I really looked weird without haircut and shave from some months.

Then after haircut, I was having bath and something interesting came up in my mind. I didn’t shout Eureka…!!Eureka…!! I just came out and again stood before the same mirror. May be I looked better, but apart from that I carefully observed the person in the mirror and saw what really his situation was? Then I pictured him just as some ‘Friend Of Mine’, studied him perfectly and said, “Okay, what so ever your condition is, stay like this, I’ll give you the best possible advice in your situation, But just promise me that you will do whatever I tell you to do”. From that day I started these silly talks with that person in the mirror and manipulated him to do everything that I told him. In a few weeks I couldn’t even imagine what that ‘Friend Of mine – The Person In The Mirror’ has done in my life because I was in a routine which I really can say was the ‘best’ routine ever in my life.

This is the problem with our mind, we can give every bit of advice to others, but when it comes to ourselves, we become the dumbest adviser. May be because we know our fears and we have made an image that we can’t do it. Let’s just say if you can’t do it or you have a phobia of it, then make your ‘friend – the person in the mirror’ to do it.

Another problem that we create ourselves is that sometimes in absence of a good motivator, we unknowingly play the role of a demotivator. There is no one in the whole universe who can advise you better than yourself. So what so ever comes and goes just get up in the morning and order the person in the mirror about the day’s routine and before going to sleep don’t forget to check if that person has done it or not. In starting that person won’t be able to do everything you expect, but punishing the person for not doing it will make him more punctual and obedient. Give him some time to improve because after sometime that person in the mirror would become your slave and will provide anything to everything you want to achieve in your life.

But no one will ever do anything free for you, then why will that person do? So, there is only one task that you have to do, “Don’t let anyone else control that person, not even destiny”.