“Mom, I’m home. Is Lunch ready?”
“Yeah, sure .Will be on table in 5 minutes”
“Okay…, And Mom I have to leave for Aaisha’s apartment in an hour for ‘her’, I mean ‘our’ assignment,” correcting myself at the right time.
“You two again in the same group…,” Mom inquired with a suspicious eye. “And any news about your results?”
“We’ll talk on the table, Mom.” I think avoiding is the best answer to these types of questions.
And as usual, my 5 minutes ended in almost half an hour and upon coming to living room, I saw some unknown lady sitting in my favorite position on dining table with my grandma. I touched her feet, because that is what we are taught to do with anyone, elder than you, sitting in our house with your family member, and then she spoke in some ‘alien language’ for next two minutes. It took me some time to figure out that she was ‘blessing’ me. By the time she hugged and messed my hair, wasting my past thirty minutes’ work, Mom came out from the kitchen, “Jatin, see who has come to meet us, you remember?” I don’t know why parents have to do this drama, even when they know that I didn’t have the slightest idea who she was. So, I sat with my blank face, waiting for Mom to answer her own question. But no, Mom was in no mood to leave me like that, and threw another hint, “When you were 3 years old, we went to their village for Kaku uncle’s marriage.” Now who the hell is this Kaku uncle, but without any explanation, mom continued, “Where you played in sugarcane fields with Pinki and Pamma.” Okay…, two another who the hell’s.
Even a 16 year old kid can’t remember everything he sees every day, then how can you expect a 3 year one to remember the whole village in a day and that too for his whole life. So, I kept on my blank face expression, thinking whether I ever played in sugarcane fields? Then aunty spoke, “He has grown up now. He was very small when I last saw him.” I smiled watching myself and wanted to say, that every normal person is expected to grow in some 13 years, but I continued smiling. Finally, Mom introduced her to be some aunt of the brother of the son-in-law of some uncle of grandma’s. Well personally, I don’t care who she was, my only problem was that she was sitting right in front of the T.V, which was supposed to be playing ‘Vikings’. Mom immediately understood what I wanted, and warned me with her mysterious eye expression. I also returned a pitiful requesting expression, and then we both agreed on the iPod which mom passed me from the table and the lunch commenced. Moms are really amazing with their eye conversations.
I plugged in the ear phones and continued my chat with Aaisha on my phone and both grandma and aunt continued their gossips. Then something happened, and suddenly everyone started staring at me. I paused the music, to figure out what was going on, (with my earplugs still on). From their ongoing conversation, I figured out that most probably aunt asked me something and I couldn’t catch up due to music and then that’s why all the modern technology, the gadgets and our generation was being cursed by them. Conversation was going something like this:
(A: Aunt G: Grandma)
G: “See (pointing towards me); how these equipments have caught our children, now they don’t even care to listen to us.”
A: “Yeah…This situation is same in every house. Don’t know what magic is inside these boxes that they don’t leave these even for a minute.”
“Communication,” was my instantaneous reaction, showing them my chat with Aaisha about the literature assignment. Mom kicked my leg directing me to be quiet. Obviously I had to shut up because first, I was outnumbered and second and most significant, they were my parents. Over my ‘communication’ was some bad news, Aaisha backed off at the last moment because ‘she was not feeling well’. Well, she also knows that I know that she is lying but still why is she lying? But oh…okay I get it, I think its almost been a month since last time she was not feeling well.

Over here, after some awkward silence and staring, they continued:

G: “There were those good times when only ‘communication’ was through letters and postcards.” (I was like, Wow..! they have an argument for everything.)
A: “And in that era of letters, whoever started the business of sending telegrams at that time became the richest”(actually wanted to tell about her family business)
G: “Yes..! Who would have ever thought that a device like a telephone would be possible? But new things never stop coming and now mobile is the best business” (actually pointing towards our family business)
They never stopped. But that last thought caught my attention. From childhood we are familiar with mobiles, that’s why we doesn’t consider them as quite an extraordinary invention, but the people like grandma who were completely alien to these things consider them some magic. It is not like our grandparents didn’t think about their grandparents, like we are thinking about them, they also thought in the same way because that’s what human nature is (In other terms Generation Gap).What our grandparents did was that they enjoyed the technology available to them and so did their grandparents before them. The mistake what most of our grandparents did was that they didn’t think of anything new because they were satisfied with what was given to them. But there were some exceptional persons like Graham Bell who were different from all and imagined about all the absurd things and came up with a device which we call today ‘Telephone’. They didn’t played with what was given to them; In fact they invented some new toys with which even we are playing till now.
Then a question came up in my, “what would we call ‘Magic’ in our old age?” May be something from the science fiction movies of today(I would personally love an Iron man suit).Well, I think more important question is, “who those great ‘Magicians’ would be, about whom our grandchildren will talk of.” I don’t know have the slightest idea who that he/she would be, but it is for sure that it would be someone from us. But one thing is for sure, that you don’t want to make the same mistake that your forefathers have been doing. Okay then, what are you doing now not to commit the same mistake again? Most probably, nothing. Even now you are enjoying some Bill Gate’s Windows or some Graham’s telephone or many other’s other things. I’ll not tell you to stop doing this, instead I’ll just say, “Think about it.”
And that day after lunch, I did something, about which everyone asks me why I did it. Before I went out, I hugged both the grandma and the aunt and said, “Thank You”. You wanna know why I did it, because they helped me completing my assignment. My literature assignment was to write something on learning from your everyday life. Our Professor loved this type of shit, and I think I got exactly what he wanted. 
It doesn’t matter that our assignment was awarded with best or I passed with good grades in literature, but more importantly I learned one of the best lessons of my life that day, “Evolution is never complete. Now choice is yours, you want to evolve or get evolved.”