That was another unusual day at home. Everyone was trying their best to hide the pain in their heart by letting their brains talk about all the irrelevant things in the world, from the Parliament budget session, to a random FIFA match, to the late monsoons, to the increase in price of petrol…and so on. That’s when I was woken up by mom. And before I could differentiate a dream form the reality, I am handed with a list of products I have to get from the market and other blah blah things I have to do for the day. I really hate it, when someone starts asking me random things just after I wake up. But the first things first, pick up the phone and check for any notifications on phone. Nothing much, just some mails from some online shopping sites about their daily offers and there was one notification from Facebook about a birthday reminder – Today was my dad’s birthday, first one after their death. Of course, I remembered. How can you forget a thing about which you have been thinking about the whole previous year? And this entire shopping list was one of those formalities which mom wants me to do because of…  
I freshened up a bit and went to the market. I was strictly instructed to get all things, come back home, and first bath, and then I have to go to temple, emphasizing most on ‘bathing’. Sometimes I wonder about these ‘going to temple after bathing’ and ‘going to temple without eating anything’ rules, that even if it exists, do God really care about all these things? Or is it the reason those poor people who visit temple in dirty clothes are becoming poorer because God don’t listen to their prayers and for similar reasons God won’t listen to me if I go without a bath. Yeah, I agree that these rules were once framed for cleanliness purposes, but now-a-days no one see it that way. Anyway, I collected all the things, the bananas, the mangoes, some biscuit, a bottle of juice…, came home and I went to temple and of course without a bath. I love to do this.
I am not much of a temple person; I just complete the formalities just because mom believes it, and more importantly it makes her happy and satisfied. As it always happens, whenever I am standing in front of the gate of temple, my attention divides to two sides. On one side I see a ‘stone’…Oh sorry sorry… ‘An idol of God’ and people waiting in lines to worship and pray to it and carrying many things to offer to it. And then there is some priest sitting nearby telling people to offer these things on these days to God (in other words to him) and actually, people can be seen coming with these big polythene bags carrying mostly cereals, some clothes and many other things. Then there is this other side, outside of the temple where there is even a longer line of beggars(who are alive, and not some non-living ‘stone’) – hungry, some physically challenged, some even without clothes; thinking that may be some intelligent person will come, who will see that who is really in need of food and clothes.
This was what was happening inside my brain, but another thing was happening in front of my eyes, a child was being beaten by his father (I think he was his father) may be because he has spilled his bucket full of water and even broken it. Some beggars immediately got up in the defense of the child cursing the broken road for his mistake. Unsatisfied, but still, (as he couldn’t do anything now)father went into one direction and the child rushed to other one. Assuming the situation under control all the beggars went back to their seats. As the child passed in front of the gate of the temple, first his eyes went towards the idol (he muttered something in his home tongue which I couldn’t understand) and then stared towards a cabin covered with transparent sheets with an air conditioner in it, where a Priest was sitting, surrounded by many luxuries and still people were offering more. Now I could understand everything, going on his mind.
I was woken from my thoughts by a vehicle’s horn standing behind me. That’s when I realized that I got to move because I think I was standing for a long time in front of temple. Without second thought I took my bike and rushed towards that child’s direction. And once again I choose the second side of my attention – the anti temple side. As I got near him, I asked him for a banana.  He remained silent for a moment. His eyes sarcastically saying, “Are you a fool? Temple’s over there buddy and all those good persons are offering over there. Why don’t you also go and offer over there? Don’t pity me.”  But without saying anything he took it. As he was eating, he kept staring at the other items, clearly asking for more. I understood and asked him to take me to his home. On the way he warned me not to give any money to anyone, not even to children, as it may be misused in many ways. It was impressive of him that he was intelligent enough to distinguish right from wrong.  I also got him a new bucket and some water bottles in our way.
There was not only his home but a full tribe living in a very slum area. There is nothing new I can describe about them-the poverty and their miserable life, we are all well aware of these conditions.
But there was one thing that my mind got fixed on. A person living in a shed irrespective of heat/cold/rain, away from all the worldly things, I think this was how something like a ‘priest’ is defined in our mythology, and not some random person, just because he is sitting in a temple. Each and every person in their tribes is living like a ‘priest’ and they get nothing and the ‘actual priests’ are over-enjoying their life as a ‘priest’. Something is not right here. 

My attention was diverted by his shouting of some names and many children which came running towards us. I distributed everything I had to them. I agree it was not ‘enough’, in fact it was nothing what is needed to be done for them, but still I think it was put to more use than just putting it in a temple. But, if we all join hands for this amazing revolution, then each and every boundary of ‘enough’ can be cleared together. There is a lot of happiness in watching a smile that has come because of you just because you have offered them a banana. I think I got a lot more blessings from them, than anything I could have achieved from temple – mental peace, blessing…, but beyond that there is this feeling that comes when you have actually done something right which makes a difference. There’s no God…, literally NO GOD which would not be happy only because you have offered to some poor instead of him.
But still, you may not agree with all this. And then (just for argument’s sake) another statement comes to my mind, “God is everywhere, it’s present in everything, and it’s in everyone.” But if then you say that even if it exists everywhere, it is with you every time; but to talk to God, you have to go to a temple and perform all his formalities, then I would say that this is the best irony I have ever seen in the entire history of literature. It’s just like, “Air is everywhere, but to breathe you have to go near a tree.”