There are some days, when you have not slept the previous night, and then after a hard day you come to your room, put on your headphones, play your playlist and just go to sleep. And then there are times when your music player only repeats the current playing song and you are too tired to do anything, but stare at the roof till you fall asleep. That moment was the union of a full tired day with the time when VLC sucks and song being played was ‘Money’ by Pink Floyd. The song is about how everyone agrees that money is the root cause of all evil, and nobody should run after it, but still everyone wants more and more of this evil for their own, because this is how human mind is. Everyone thinks that they can handle the evil in right way, that if they had a lot of money they will use it for this and this good ways (don’t tell me you haven’t ever thought about this), but trust me, there is no right way of doing a wrong.
I don’t know whether it was Floyd’s music or my state of restlessness or both, but I had one of those things known as psychedelic experience. My mind was stuck only on one thought, “Who the hell started this concept of money?”


 It was like I was travelling in time from present day, to find the history of money, to the very first day the concept of money was used/started. Paper Money didn’t had very long history but it is just an elaborated version of coins, and the thought of coins took me directly to the time of Kings and Kingdoms. I was standing in the court house of a king where he was giving away a few bullock-carts of coins and gold to his son-in-law kingdom, but this not what I was seeking. Then I traveled a little back somewhere, where the human has evolved from a bacterium but before any universal government/ kingdoms came to place, to that exact moment, to witness the example that is used everywhere to explain the barter system.
There was a shoe mender sitting on the side of road and a farmer comes to him and after wasting a lot of time on negotiating he came to a deal for mending his shoes in exchange of a rice bag and then there was this person, sitting in a corner, watching all this who came up with the idea of a ‘fairer universal exchange system’ and discussed it with both of them. Shoe-Mender seemed pretty excited about the idea that it would become a lot easier to deal with the idiots like this farmer, but the farmer’s thinking was also pretty interesting, he asked, “Does that mean I do not have to give half of my grains to my landlord because I can just give him that ‘money’ thing?” Sometimes I thinkhow did this new idea got spread between so many dumb people like that farmer who are just so scared of things that they can’t understand  and just start running to the temple at the very first spark of lightening. 


But wait, here’s another thought, “Did the ‘concept’ of money came before or after the ‘concept’ of God?”
And before anything else could happen and before the three of them could share this idea or try to implement it, I took out a sword, sliced all three of them, right through their stomachs, in one a clean stroke. And then, I ran; as hard as I could. My plan was to stop this idea from being born and mess with all those people who spend all their lives only for an “n-digit bank balance”. I just wanted to see what zillions of people would be doing if they weren’t running after money.
When I came back and saw the present I couldn’t see any change in concern of money. Something must have gone wrong somewhere, but where? I again started the journey back to find that judgment day or that transition period when everyone became aware of the idea of money. What I realized was an another universal truth of how this world works, any event good or bad is just postponed, you can never stop it. There was another man just after around 83 years of gap, who again came up with the idea of this ‘fairer universal exchange system’. This time I did a thorough research on every main event that came along and killed every man in the history who came up with this idea.
As the time passed, I could even identify some of those persons like Aristotle, Aryabhatta, Newton, Einstein etc. Actually, at that point I had some hesitation that has Newton discovered his three laws or not? Has Einstein developed Theory of Relativity or not? But then I carried on, with the thought that, if not them someone else will. Let’s just see how my way ends. I even avoided the second world war by putting a bullet inside The Hitler, a lot earlier. But, now when I think again I can’t tell if it was Hitler or Chaplin because the only thing I remember now is his mustache. Nah I am just kidding it was definitely Hitler. I just loved it when the bullet went through his ‘toothbrush mustache.’ 
As more time passed, I could recognize almost every place I was going to. Then there was the one in which I saw Dad’s one of the best friends, who are very close to me, coming up with the idea. They are also into writing. I’ll admit, that was a difficult one, but when you see you have done so many things, good/bad, till then to achieve something, The Devil takes over your mind, and doing a little more doesn’t seem like a bad idea. But it got worse. Next one was one of my best friend to come up with this idea. But the worst of them was still waiting. The last one, in which I saw myself coming with the idea of money to make this world a better place, while writing this. Without realizing what I was doing, I took out the gun(yeah, of course I switched to gun from sword but i don’t know when) and shot myself directly in the heart. I felt something coming up from my stomach in to my throat and then i threw up in the bucket kept next my bed. And sitting right across the room was my friend, working on my Laptop, with an expression of  “I told you not to mix weed with drinks.”


I couldn’t see the world without money but I do realized that what-so-ever we do, money can’t be deleted from this world. It is a necessary ‘evil’. Or is it really ‘necessary‘ or really ‘evil’? I mean, yeah i agree, we do kind of need something for ‘exchanging items in a fairer way’ or in simple words ‘the concept of money’. But the far important thing to understand here is that it is only a concept and also that we need only the concept part. Now, if we want a change, we can’t remove money out of the picture, we have to change ourselves, change our thinking and know that money was just one of those things started to make our life easier and not something that we should agree to live like hell, just to have a little bit more of it.