So, yeah there’s been kind of problem that we have been facing in past few days or is it 10 days now I think. We literally don’t have much money right now. It’s kind of a dream come true for someone whose favorite movie is Fight Club and favorite TV Series is Mr. Robot. But an average person who isn’t that into that kind of stuff has mixed views on this and up to a very amazingly correct level, it can be, sort of, in a very certain way be said that they mostly fall into one of these categories:

  • TYPE-1: They believe that it is going to have a positive impact. There reasons are like:
    • With a little hard work, its gonnna solve The Black Money problem.
    • With a little hard work, it’s gonna solve the counterfeit money problem.
    • With a little hard work, it’s gonna improve our economy.
    • etc. those few who are still running high on Modi fever.
  • TYPE-2: They believe that it is not gonna have that much impact. There reasons are like:
    • Many people have not kept cash as their black money and rotated or used that money in other asset classes like real estate, gold, so 100% Black Money is not gonna come out.
    • Unless major tax regulation/reform is done, the illegal cash economy will re-appear soon.
    • This implementation of the plan could have been a lot better.
  • TYPE-3: Now these are the ones, who have not been able to completely understand what the question is?, that, specifically all of this is the solution to. They’ve heard both side’s argument. They have kind of understood why there’s a 2000-rupee note and not 1000-rupee note. But still they are worried about:
    • There’s chaos and frenzy among public as everybody wants to get rid of demonetized notes which in turn sometimes leads to law and order problem and chaotic situation especially in banks and ATMs which are the only medium to change the old currency units to new currency units.
    • Increasing number of deaths because of all of this. Suicides make this worry even worse.
    • With not so much changing conditions comes a million dollar question: ‘how the heck am I gonna manage this month’s expenditure?’

But it doesn’t matter if you are the ‘type-1’ or ‘type-2’ person, you must have worried about all the ‘type-3’ worries. This is the stuff you must have at least thought about, even if you belong to another fourth type. The fourth type, who are most certainly waiting in some waiting line even right now at five in the morning, is mainly a black-money holder trying to get as little fucked as possible, while rest all in the fourth type are the one’s covering up for those treasure holders. It’s a lot bigger group than you had assumed because just count in your own neighborhood. This fourth type is the one who’s faces we see saying beeped things on TV, fb , newspaper; waiting in one bank or the other. If you are a fourth type you are here just to see if I have mentioned any new way “to you know ‘do that'”.

And as a firm believer of statement, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, I hereby say, “I Yield.” I am not an expert on any of this. So, I am not gonna try to judge any of this. Yes I have tried to understand from the experts in this field, but lets leave it there, because there’s something better than discussing whether or not domonetisation was good or not, and talk about what more can be done. Because clearly ‘this’ is not even close to solving these problems. 

TYPE 5: Then there are the people who have frankly quite enjoyed all of this, at least I know I have. Why?

Because I had a holiday the previous weekend and I did not plan a trip to anywhere because I found something right in the heart of Delhi, which I constantly try to find in the mountains – empty parks, empty public places, even temples are empty. It’s really surprising that no one is blaming their Astrologer or their Self-Claimed God-man for this shit-show. It’s been really fun to see everyone’s face standing in the line, while I walked past them counting some notes over and over, again and again. No, I just made this up, I honestly have not been lucky enough to have checked in an ATM which was not-cash-less and people-less at the same time. Actually the real reason was the same, I did not have any cash. But still I had some positive encounters the past few days going cashless because:

  • I have enjoyed the screen shots from my work-friends of their saving of 8.786 bucks while shopping for every-day grocery from grofers or something like that.

  • I have enjoyed going and asking for only one candy and then tried to pay for it with a 100-rupee note and finally end up paying using paytm.

  • I have enjoyed that my wallet has not felt like a purse for the past few days.

And among many more purely selfish reasons, there’s been a good one too: Online Wallets.

I really loved the marketing-strategy that Paytm has used past week or so which is not bad in any sense, they are just expanding, completely utilising the opportunity. Almost every shop I used to visit and needed to visit, had a notice saying, “Paytm, Accepted here.”(at least in Delhi) Of course it is complicated for anyone who doesn’t know how to use a smart-phone. For them, with just one addition from Paytm- a Paytm card (or something more intelligent, more secure like Singapore’s one-in-all ‘traffic card’ system) which is kind of accepted everywhere and recharged at a few more places than an ATM, we have for ourselves a better currency system for the future where you don’t even have to debate about carrying wallet or not while going out. It’s kind of a surprise that we hadn’t used this amazing option unless we were forced to do so.

With your almost every transaction recorded digitalized, the problems like false-currency and black money would automatically disappear, as each and every transaction that you make would be out there in the open. Only worst thing that can happen, would be a new hacker problem, which in turn would mean a huge boost for an average Indian thief’s technical knowledge. It’s a good thing even in it’s worst case.

And also not to forget all the good things that bitcoin is promising.

So, what’s the point of all this. What’s all this about?

It’s not about anything actually, it’s certainly not about the money, if it’s about something it’s about sending a message. A Message, that this is not going to be end of our economy, nor it is going to be the end of reforms in that economic system and even society as a whole. A message, that okay, we may have fucked up,still we can have a lot better economic system than this with just a little help from our technology. A Message from the first page of our Social Sciences textbook that the government maybe what ever, it is finally made of the people, by the people, for the people. And just a decade ago, I used to think democratic politics was purely full of bullshit. A message for A change.


P.S.: This is for someone who just lost a bet that I can’t write 1 post in 1 sitting.