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We all know something is going on, but what?

Life: Your Calling, Your Passion Vs the Money: The Survival (1)

There are some days, when you have not slept the previous night, and then after a hard day you come to your room, put on your headphones, play your playlist and just go to sleep. And then there are times... Continue Reading →

Air is everywhere, but to breathe, go near a Tree

That was another unusual day at home. Everyone was trying their best to hide the pain in their heart by letting their brains talk about all the irrelevant things in the world, from the Parliament budget session, to a random... Continue Reading →

The Assignment

“Mom, I’m home. Is Lunch ready?”“Yeah, sure .Will be on table in 5 minutes”“Okay…, And Mom I have to leave for Aaisha’s apartment in an hour for ‘her’, I mean ‘our’ assignment,” correcting myself at the right time.“You two again... Continue Reading →

A Friend Of Mine

“You know, I was going through a very tough phase of my life”, I told my friend, like many others say who try to run away from the situation and try to manipulate others that they are doing ‘everything’ they... Continue Reading →

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